Gallery G15 is pleased to announce... honored to announce… with an esteemed privilege…  pssssshh I’m not gonna talk like that. Even if the space is sterile, sterile in a way that could entertain that black suit way of talking behind the screen with white wine that gives us all hangovers worse than the 30 rack of Busch we got one of our older friends to buy us when we were 15. I’ve never even worn a fucking suit. The sterile here functions as a theater for absurdity to play within, because what better place for it to act in its concentration than the belly of the beast. The world doesn't rotate with track lights accenting the clean white walls with a prescribed way of introducing itself to market to people who want to be talked at, to people who want the sparknotes of culture, of imagination. So why should we? We should ramble, right? We should ramble and make something in this theater. These are lived experiences, world views, fluidity framed through exhibitions and the documentation of minds and therefore of life through a variety of lenses and imaginations. I’m sure I’ll contradict myself and I already have, but writing is fun, thinking is fun, and looking is fun. I’m in graduate school with a buncha people who make work that is really fuckin good and these are the souls that hold the light, a light that I think is worth sharing.     

This is for us and if you want to, you’re invited to hangout (and by hangout I mean look, don’t take hanging out as literal. I’m talking to all y’all cops in this panopticon)

- Ian Kline